Privacy statement


Privacy statement of Sodermans bv

This privacy statement contains all information regarding data collection on the website of Sodermans bv (hereinafter: Sodermans). Here we explain how your data is registered, processed and used on our website and who you can contact for questions.

This version was last revised on October 12, 2023.


Responsible for data processing

As the responsible authority, Sodermans can be reached via the contact details below:

Post: Kempische Kaai 59 Bus 0.01, 3500 Hasselt
By telephone: 011/22 32 17
Mail: [email protected]
VAT number: BE 0401.348.485


What data do we collect?

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we collect the following personal data on our website:
- Your IP address(es) when you visit our website
- Your name and email address if you leave it via our contact form or when registering for the newsletter. In every newsletter you have the option to unsubscribe easily and free of charge.
- Information about your activity on our website
- Your location data
- The internet browser and device type with which you visited our website


Why do we collect this data?

On the one hand, we collect data from you such as your activity on our website, your location data and browser and device type to make our website work properly and so that it is easy to use. We do this by using cookies (more about this in section 5). On the other hand, when you contact us or subscribe to our newsletter, we keep your name and email address so that we can contact you again.


We would like to inform you that we sometimes use remarketing. This is a process by which we allow Internet users who have already visited our site to encounter it again. If you do not agree to this, you can adjust your preferences during your visit to our site via the following link: Advertisement-Preferences


On what legal basis do we process your data?

We rely on two legal grounds for processing your data:
- We ask the data subject for permission to process his or her data.
- We process the data of the data subject to prepare or carry out a contract or service provision.



Cookies are small text files that are placed by your browser. They contain information such as the visitor's language preference, so that he does not have to enter that information again the next time he visits the same website. Some cookies ensure that a website appears graphically neatly, others ensure that a website application works correctly.

If you wish to block cookies, you can do so via your browser settings. Please note that certain graphic elements may not appear properly, or that you may not be able to use certain applications if you disable cookies. The Sodermans website uses the following cookies:
- Functional cookies: they facilitate and personalize your website visit and your user experience.
- Analytical cookies (from third parties): they collect information to evaluate and improve the content of our website (e.g. Google analytics cookies). These cookies collect information about your computer and your visit to our website, such as your IP address, the pages you visit, the browser you use, the websites you previously visited, geographical data such as your location, your preferred language and the time. and duration of your visit.


Who has access to your data?

Sodermans uses third parties to carry out certain (processing) activities, such as hosting the website. We enter into a processing agreement with these third parties so that your data is treated with the same level of security and confidentiality as we do. If data is damaged or lost due to an error, Sodermans is not liable. We will do everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible in collaboration with this third party. Personal data is not passed on to other parties, unless this is required by law or a court order. All data is processed within the EU.


How is your personal data secured?

Sodermans does everything it can to keep your data as safe as possible. We do this using HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, abbreviated as HTTPS. This is an extension of the HTTP protocol with the aim of exchanging data securely. In addition, we promise not to change or delete your data unless this is requested by you (more about this under paragraph 9). We make timely backups of the data to ensure that it is not lost.


How long will your data be saved?

Sodermans does not store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which your data is collected.


Your rights

There are some rights that you as a user can rely on.

Right of inspection/access
Every user and visitor has the right to request access to and view their information. He may also view how his data is processed.

Right to rectification
The user always has the right to have certain personal data corrected, supplemented or deleted after inspection.

Right to be forgotten
The user has the right to be completely erased from all systems and databases.

Right to file a complaint
The user always has the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commission if he or she believes that personal data is being collected and processed unlawfully.

Right to withdraw consent
Every user or visitor from whom personal data is collected has the right to object to the processing of that data.

Right to restriction of processing
The data subject has the right to (temporarily) limit the processing of his personal data.

Right to portability
The data subject has the right to transfer his personal data to another controller.

Right to object to decisions based on automated processing
The user has the right to have automatic profiling disabled.

If you experience problems in one of these areas, you can contact Sodermans via [email protected]. Sodermans cannot process your request without proof of identity.